peace-love-colbert asked: Hi! I just read you post about the trouble you're having. I think it might be your browser. I used to have Safari and so many things did not work for me on Tumblr. I download Chrome and now Tumblr works great. So, it might be that you need a new browser. I hope this helps. I hope you can figure out the problem. Good luck!


Yeah I think this is the problem too. However the latest versions of every browser are no longer compatible with my mac version, so I’m taking it to a “genius” on Monday. Fingers crossed I can resolve this disruption of Sunny! (Answering again from my iPhone…)

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The McPoyle Line. S8E3: The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre.
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Oh my goooooosh NYCC was amazing and exhausting and what is this real world I had to return to this after this weekend?!

Anyway, queuing new posts. :)

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ALIVE (almost)

 Hey dudes. Sorry I’ve been slacking, been in crazy New York Comic Con prep mode this month—shall return after the awesomeness has passed through my city :)

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Mac’s chimichangas. Thor’s Pop Tarts. S7E1: Frank’s Pretty Woman.
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